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EPSCO India geared to swing India

30 Sep 2020

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], September 30 (ANI/NewsVoir): If, even a single surface is compromised, a virus can infect majority of a workplace in a matter of few hours.

As communities around the globe work to mitigate COVID-19 contamination hazards, India's leading and trusted Indoor working Environment protection company, EPSCO India, is committed in providing full range of environmental services with a deep focus on Purification, Protection and Preserving the working environment of office buildings, healthcare facilities, schools, manufacturing plants, police stations and many more.

On the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, EPSCO India's certified professionals providing environmental solutions during these trying times as a glimmer of hope, with a purpose to Purify, RestoreProtect the Indoor working Environment.

AssuranceEPSCO India aims the "new normal" by innovating and ensuring a "clean and safe recovery" by being more committed in its efforts to improve the air quality thereby mitigating the COVID-19 crisis. Its is extremely crucial to take all preventive measures and safety approaches to keep the places clean, healthy, hygienic and germ-free before the final phase of reopening of the officespaces, buildings, stores, malls, and commercial places etc.

According to the Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the average 5000 square feet office space has 80 Kg of dust and dirt in its vents. The Scientific research claims that indoor air quality can have long term effects on the health of people in the indoor environment and nearly 50 per cent of all illnesses are caused by, or aggravated by, contaminated indoor air.

The circulated air of offices contribute to the spread of microbes and microbial life is circulated through the air and within HVAC systems. The maintenance of the systems and filtration has an impact on how contaminants flow through the air, so buildings that have not been properly serviced to maintain appropriate circulation, filtration, humidity and temperatures can contribute to higher amounts of microorganisms moving through the systems.

India may take at least a year to recover from this COVID-19 pandemic and run smoothly like before. To protect lives and make the environment healthy, EPSCO India's teams takes lead for safety and wellbeing of premises. EPSCO's services meets the "best practice" guidelines for maintaining a hygienic Indoor workplace Environment.

"With our commitment to "Purify, RestoreProtect" Indoor Environment blending Knowledge, Technology and Commitment, our workforce is geared to swing pandemic impacted India back into business in no time, solving the simplethe complex situations. We are absolutely ready to deploy a new era of environment protection technology and definitely providing certainty in an uncertain world," assured Suhel Parker, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, EPSCO India.

Implementation safety precautionsAs per directive of WHO, airborne transmission of the virus, particularly in indoor spaces like schools, gyms and offices, would need keen consideration and focus before reopening plans are set. Proper implementation of safety measures would play an important role in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus, as air purification systems alone only go so far in reducing its impact.

Real-world conditions like air flow in a building, relative humidity or someone breathing or sneezing could impact how well a device works outside of a lab setting. The facilities should to be mindful of HVAC system operations, increased humidity, as relative humidity rate above 40 per cent would decrease the survival of coronaviruses. Alternatively, in-room humidification can be used and may decrease the likelihood of over humidification and mold/fungal growth.

The flow of air from air condition units has been associated with viral spread, should not be turned off. Doing this would increase the duration of time infectious viral particles are suspended in the air. Rather conditioning systems would increase the percentage of outside air mixed in to the highest level possible.

For facilities with systems to accommodate, large-scale high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) air filters to be installed and needed to be replaced more often.

All wet surfaces of the AHU like coils and drip trays need to be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

The largest area of the HVAC system through which the air passes, ducts to be cleaned to bare metal and the sanitized to ensure no food source for further microbial growth.

For an uninterrupted business, it is recommended that a protective coating should be applied on the surfaces to protect them from incubating bacteria and virus growth which will provide a long lasting coat that works 24x7 up to 90 days.

"Our vision for the coming decade in India is to become a market leader in the Indoor Environment protectionrestoration business by setting quality benchmarks across a spectrum of applicationsindustries, delivering the highest value to its customers and ultimately living up to its name as an environment protection safetycaring organization," said EPSCO India's MD and CEO, Suhel Parker.

EPSCO India, a pioneerleader in the Environment RestorationProtection Business in India, brings two decades of world class services to its customers across sectors. Headquartered out of Mumbai it has spread it's footprint Pan India serving the need of the hour as India grows in all sectors by leaps and bounds.

EPSCO is an integrated ISO 9001, 1400145001 accredited company. EPSCO's team consists of highly skilled and experienced industry professionals, with deep expertisespecialized domain knowledge, and it has the largest team of IAQ experts and NADCA certified Professionals in India.

The culture of documenting learning helps to offer the fastest turn-around time and most professional work even while managing the most complex or diverse commercialindustrial jobs, meeting government normsglobal standards. Starting in 2000, with a critical project to sanitize the HVAC systems of the Operation Theater in a Mumbai hospital before the Prime Minister's knee surgery, EPSCO has traversed a path delivering full-service capability across diverse areasapplications.

Offering a cleanhealthy living environment for every individual, whether they are at schools, offices, factories, hospitals, malls, eateries, airports or simply at home is the mission of EPSCO.

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